This blog is a joint effort between William and Janet Buell, a long-married (52 years and counting) couple. Both of us are in our 70s and both of us are in the final 15% of our life. Janet is in the usual state of health for a 71-year-old woman, which means she has a fair number of aches and pains but nothing serious. Bill has a few more challenges when it comes to his health. The biggest of those challenges is moderate dementia.

We have a family including three children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, along with assorted children- and grandchildren-in-law, but we won’t talk about them much on this blog so as not to embarrass them more than we already have. We have a philosophy that is part of this blog.

We both believe that the final stage of life can be planned for and be as rewarding as the earlier stages of life no matter what the challenges life brings. This blog talks about our successes at making this stage rewarding, as well as our occasional failures to do so. We have found a sense of humor to be very helpful in surviving life and we hope this blog reflects that fact. We are focused on learning as much as we can from others as well as passing on what we have learned that we found valuable. That’s where the people who read this blog come in. We hope that what we share may be useful to some of you, and we hope to learn a tremendous amount from the comments that are written about the subject matter of our blog.

52 years of marriage

                          A picture of what 52 years of wear and tear will do