How I Came To View Myself As A Large Corporation

I wrote a book a long time ago. I called it Your Mind and Body are a Corporation and You Are the CEO. It was a strange title for a strange book. It was published over 20 years ago and it’s out of print now except in electronic format.

I got the idea for the book many years ago when I was still working full time as a trauma counselor. I had a very amazing client. He owned a large firm that did something in the electronics world. The firm had about 20,000 employees and my client took his job as owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm very seriously. I felt he was a very intelligent man and I admired how much he cared about his employees and how much he cared about the work that was done at his company. This client came to me for some help on personal issues and on family issues originally.

I have learned something from every client I’ve ever had during the years that I was doing trauma counseling. Every one of them, when they were finally able to confront the traumatic moments in their life, discovered some amazing truths buried in the rubble. I was always surprised at what my clients discovered when they finally came to terms with what had happened to them. The process itself of learning to fully confront life’s most difficult moments requires tremendous courage. My job was to help them find that courage, to reassure them by my caring and compassionate presence, and to guide them into looking at the traumatic things that had happened by helping them feel that they were not alone. People need to know that there’s someone else with them in order to gather the courage to examine life’s most difficult moments.

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